We offer a pressure washing service prior to seal coating a residential or commercial asphalt.

We are equipped with a 4200PSI gas powered pressure washer and a 1000 liters tank of water which last about 1 hour of use.

This is an extra service that we can include in the price of seal coating or charge extra for it (by the hour.) The pressure washing is done 1 day prior to seal coating.

Why pressure washing before seal coating?

Even if you use the best material on the market, or you spray down 3 coats of sealer. It will only adhere properly to the asphalt if it was thoroughly cleaned in the first place. A clean asphalt is the #1 most important steps of seal coating. The reality is, some driveways are just to dirty, even using a high power sweeper, it will remove most of the dirt and debris, but it will not be as clean as a pressure washing.

If you're looking for a seal coating job that can last for years to come, we highly recommend pressure washing your driveway before.


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