What is Crack Sealing?

Asphalt develops cracks over time that let water and moisture get in which eventually lead to bigger cracks. The only option to stop this process is by sealing the cracks.

The crack sealing we use is a hot rubberized materiel that is flexible yet durable, able to adapt to its surroundings, from winter to summer. It will keep its flexibility to ensure it works with the asphalt and keep water off the cracks.

Crack Sealing is offered to commercial clients only. For residential driveways, when getting your asphalt sealed by us, crack sealing is also included. Some exceptions apply on large residential driveways. Contact us for more information.

Minimum pricing for any kind of crack sealing is 250$ + taxes

The Process

We measure every good candidate cracks for a quote.

  • Step 1

Cracks are cleaned of debris, vegetation and moisture, this ensure our material will have proper bonding with the asphalt.

  • Step 2

  • Step 3

Cracks are then sealed with our Hot Rubberized Materiel. Traffic can be resume within 1 hour after the application.

Bad candidate

When the asphalt shows signs of alligator skin cracking like the above picture. The base underneath the asphalt has been compromised and needs repairs.

Good candidate

Cracks aren't to deep or wide, and there is to many of them, a very good cost effective solution to maintain your asphalt.

Do it yourself products

Products bought at your local hardware store are cold material, they lack the flexibility of a hot rubberized material. They generally do the job for 1 year, but once the freeze and thaw cycle comes, they fail to hold.


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