Garage Ramp & Pot Hole Repairs

Garage Ramp Repairs

Pot Hole Repairs

Has your asphalt settle down where it meets the garage? Creating an issue for driving your car inside the garage? This is a common problem, especially for newly built homes, where the ground underneath the asphalt is not fully settle and compact. With a newly asphalt ramp, we can make it easier to drive in with your vehicles.

Pot holes starts with a crack that is left unsealed. Overtime water gets into the crack and slowly washed away the base underneath. Overtime, more cracks begin to form, eventually forming an alligator skin, which leads to even more water seeping through the base. With the base now compromised from having an air pocket underneath. Any extra weight, such as a vehicle will result in breaking the top layer of asphalt, creating a pot hole.

The pot hole needs to be saw-cut, asphalt is removed. Gravel is added and compacted. New hot asphalt is installed and compacted.

Minimum pricing for any kind of asphalt repairs is 300$ + taxes.


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